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Thursday, December 08, 2005

December 5th scavenger hunt winners

Splash by: Rob Fisher

Odd by: Rob Fisher
Tied for first


Odd by: Tom McIlroy
Tied for first


Odd by: Peter Dinella
Tied for first

Warm by: Tom McIlroy
Reflect by: Rob Fisher
Soft by: Paula Johnson

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Meeting Notes: December 5, 2005

Treasurer’s Report: $276.15 Total as of Dec. 5, 2005
$ Business:
1.Voted to reimburse Paula : $22.63 for the picture frames to use for our display on the bulletin board at the Senior Center.
2. Received $ 10 dues from Bob Orr and Peter Dinella: Total of $20.
3. Received $300 from the Simsbury Bank for the three pictures that were chosen for the 2006 calendar from our club entries.

Nate McGarrahan, Tom Mc Ilroy’s friend attended our meeting. Welcome Nate!

Old Business

Program: We still need a presenter for the June Program. Rob will ask his father in law to lead the discussion on Weather Photography.

Simsbury Calendar: Three of Peter Dinella’s photos were chosen for the Simsbury Bank Calendar. Great job Peter…you represent our club with great photographic distinction!!!!! Look out Simsbury we are on a roll!!!!!

Blog: Check out our blog at:

A great way to communicate, ask questions, check the meeting notes, and see the results of our scavenger hunt. Thanks Rob for creating this communication link.

Evening Program

1.Action Photographs

We did not judge but enjoyed the results of member’s photographs of action. The topics varied from kayaking in the Tariffville Gorge to sledding in Granby.

2. Beaver Lodge Field Trip

The beavers were asleep when our early morning photographers arrived so the only pictures were of the club members taking pictures and some nice winter scenes!

3.Scavanger Hunt

We had lots of great photos for the topics of :Odd, Warm, Reflect, Splash, Soft. Check out the blog for the winners in each topic and the Senior Center Bulletin Board for the display of the winners and runners up!

Whats Next

1. Monday, Dec. 12 at 7:30 pm at the Senior Center

Learn how to be more creative with your camera!!!!Rob will lead a photo demonstration and experimentation of his splash photos. Bring your camera and tripod. If you do not have one he will have an extra tripod for your use.

2. Next Meeting: January 9, 2006

Program: Digital Photography

3. Dec. Scavenger Hunt

Holiday Light
Authority Figure

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Meeting Notes: November 7,2005

Granby Camera Club
Meeting Notes: November 7,2005

Treasurer’s Report:

Total as November 7,2005 $266.15
Money Received at Meeting: Dues: Aline Raphael: $10

We welcomed Rob’s neighbor, Tom MacElroy to our meeting. He enjoyed the scavanger hunt and we hope he will become a regular participant!

Old Business:

– Programs for 2005-2006 were handed out. It was noted that there are several programs that need a speaker. Rob Fisher will take on the June program on photographing fireworks. The only speaker we need is for the March program on weather photography. Any volunteers out there!!!!!!

– Two thank you notes were received. Shirley Murtha,the winner of our sponsored award in the Holcomb Farm Art Contest and Mary Alice Stielau , from the arts committee, wrote to thank the Camera Club for sponsoring the award.

New Business:

– Rob Fisher updated us on the options available for a Camera Club web site. He has designed a blog site for our club and has assigned a free web site for the Camera Club through Cox. I will ask him to send us a fuller explanation, web links and how we should use this to keep our selves informed as to the activities of our club. Thanks Rob for your leg work…I think this is really a wonderful addition to our club’s ability to communicate and generate interest from others.

– Key Words for November’s Scavenger Hunt:

Warm, Splash, Odd, Reflect, Soft

– Field Trip for November:
Beaver Lodge in Pleasant Valley. The date and time is still to be decided. Rob will lead us there and we will communicate on our blog site as to what dates and times work for most of us. He feels we should to go early on a Sat or Sun to catch the beavers at their best!

Program for the Evening: October Scavenger Hunt

Great picturing taking!!!!! Rob, Paula, Kathy, Mary, Rick, Dick and our visitor Tom had many creative and interesting pictures to choose from. The pictures that received votes will be on display on the Senior Center Bulletin board until next month’s meeting. We look forward to Harry bringing in his next month!!!!!!! Rob will put the winners up on our Blog so do check it out! Paula will send in an article to the Drummer with the pictures.
Winners for the topics were: Group and Color: Rob & Numbers, Fruit, Sport: Paula

Next Meeting
Monday, December 5, 2005 at 7:30 pm at the Granby Senior Center. Bring a friend!!!!

– Program: Judging Pictures of Action Photography. Also having fun with the results of our November Scavenger Hunt.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Thanks Rob

Thanks Rob,
I was really getting frustrated because I could only respond to a previously posted message. By the way, I deleted the two previous attempts that I made and inadvertintly deleted your email address. Could you re-send it to me at I do not have the names, phone numbers, and emails, stc of the camera club-they must have gotten lost this summer.

Information Sharing

Hi Camera Club Members,I enjoyed the meeting last night – sorry that I was late. I just wanted to share a couple of things…First, I have about 12 photos exhibited at the new Artisans Showcase in North Granby which used to be the old Allen Cider Mill Flower Shop at the intersection of Rt189 and Mountain Road. There are many, many other really nice things also on display there. Please stop by and check it out. Secondly, I wanted to share the link to my online gallery at I have over 300 photos in the gallery. The link is You should be able to copy it into your browser’s address and hit enter. Please visit and let me know what you think of it. see you next month.Rick

Beaver shoot: Dates available

I will be available on Sunday the 13th or sat the 26th or sun the 27th we should plan on a very early shoot .. Please let me know who is available ..

-Rob Fisher

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

November 7th scavenger hunt winners

Congratulations to this months Scavenger hunt winners!


Color by: Rob Fisher
Group by: Rob Fisher


Sport by: Paula Johnson

Fruit by: Paula Johnson

Numbers by: Paula Johnson

*All images are property of the original photographer.

easy to sign in

It was easy to sign in..just wanted to share our Sun nite visitor..right out side our bedroon window…Mom had come down the tree and this is the big cub.
Rob my picture did not upload… there a size requirement? I used on sized for email.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Here is a photo I took while “zooming” my lens .. I used the 10 second timer and at about 2 seconds left started my “zoom action” .. The shutter speed was approx. 1/2 second

-Rob Fisher

Friday, October 07, 2005

Minutes of the monthly meeting OCT. 3, 2005

The following are the minutes of the Granby Camera Club monthly meeting:



Treasurer’s Report:


Petty Cash                                                    $ 12.58

On deposit with Town of Granby                      $420.52


Total as of September 12, 2005                       $433.10



2004 dues                                                       $25.00

2005 dues                                                       $85.00

                                               Total               $110.00



Senior Center Membership                             $ 60.00

Holcomb Farm Art Prize (Shirley Murtha)        $100.00

Harry Fischer Field trip                                  $113.26

Paula card for Bob Orr                                  $    3.69

                                              Total              $276.95


Total as of October 3, 2005                            $266.15


Old Business:

Election of Officers:

Harry Fischer was elected President for the remainder of the club year.


Program Committee Report:  The monthly programs for the year have not been completed because all the speakers are not in place.  Also, the program for November has been changed as noted below


Simsbury Bank Calendar:  Our club submitted approximately 45 pictures to the Simsbury Bank for their consideration in choosing pictures for their 2006 calendar.  Unfortunately, only three members submitted pictures.  The bank is expecting over 200 photographs from the Simsbury Camera Club.  Hopefully, we will get better participation next year.  Remember, the bank is looking for pictures from all four seasons.


New Business:  

1.  Rob Fisher and Harry Fischer agreed to work together to produce some programs about Digital Photography for presentation during the year.


2.  We agreed that at each meeting we would select a field trip for the following month.  A place, date and time will be established at each meeting.  Attending the trip will be completely voluntary so that anyone can attend either by  themselves or with a group of club members.


For the month of October, we chose Holcomb Farm.  The date is on Sunday October 23 at 10:00 AM.  Anyone interested in attending can go on their own or contact other members to go together.  Reservations at the farm are not necessary.  The trip is obviously contingent upon the weather.


3.  We also agreed that the Vice President (Cathy Dammers) send an email to club members a few days before each monthly meeting as a reminder.  She will also advise us of the monthly program.


4.  It was also agreed we would have a scavenger hunt each month.  This is a picture taking exercise promoted by other camera clubs where certain key words are chosen each month, and then members take pictures based on their interpretation of the key words. 

For October, the key words are: Color, fruit, sport, group and numbers. 

Bring in your favorite shots based upon these key words and we will choose a winner for the month.


5.  Rob Fisher suggested we create a web site for our camera club.  We may be able to create a site through the Town of Granby web site at minimal or no cost.  Paula and Rob will do some research and report back to us next month.


6.  Dick O’Donnell made a presentation on the subject of Action Photography.  The key to taking pictures of moving objects is to use manual focus, 400 speed film and usually a shutter speed of 500th of a second.  He also explained a panning technique when objects are moving side to side. He showed us pictures of kayaking, whales, river tubing and the implosion of a building.  Nice job, Dick!!


Don’t forget the field trip to Holcomb Farm and the Scavenger Hunt!!!


Next Meeting:  Monday, November 7, 2005 at 7:30, Granby Senior Center.  Bring a guest. 

Program:  Reviewing scavenger hunt pictures and choosing a winner.



Wednesday, October 05, 2005

First Post

Welcome to the NEW Granby Camera Club Blog
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